Gulf Coast Teacher Training Academy (GCTTA)


The Gulf Coast Teacher Training Academy

at Educare New Orleans

Gulf Coast Teacher Training Academy (GCTTA), a training and professional resource program offered by Educare New Orleans shares best practices and knowledge ranging from curriculum to certification for current and those entering the early childhood development profession.  GCTTA’s primary goal is to increase the quality of area early childhood educators through ongoing professional development and support.

GCTTA encompasses early childhood development from birth to 5 years and uses a diversity of approaches.  Program offerings include ongoing professional development for all levels of early childhood teachers; annual training on effective program management, strategic partnerships and evaluation; and a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification course.

GCTTA is built upon the following core strategies:

  • Direct, ongoing training for Louisiana’s existing early childhood workers. This includes teaching strategies across all content domains for lead teachers, assistants and aides.
  • Raising basic educational credentials for early childhood workers to ensure each teacher in each classroom has the knowledge and skills they need to effectively serve children in their care.
  • Leadership development/capacity building to help retain high-performing, highly-skilled educators and to assist them in moving into leadership positions.
  • Online distance learning for flexibility and schedules –to be implemented 2018
  • Developing creative capacities through child psychology to help teachers in their work with young children

These strategies allow GCTTA to assist in strengthening the professionalization of the field of early childhood education by providing the core of early childhood development best practices.

The existing training resources for Louisiana’s early education teachers are neither accessible to nor adequate for the thousands of early childhood education teachers that the Greater New Orleans community relies on to teach children. GCTTA is housed at Educare New Orleans and builds upon the knowledge of the award winning Educare model – thereby providing equitable access to high-quality training, tools, feedback and coaching. GCTTA also offers courses to interested Educare New Orleans’ parents as well, as part of the School’s workforce development effort.

To date, GCTTA has trained over 300 educators from schools in Louisiana and Mississippi, focusing on practical, standards-based curricula; tools that connect curricula like Teaching Strategies GOLD and CLASS; and ongoing training, coaching and classroom best practices.